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It is the base of Toan Thinh Phat’s, including consultation – design – architecture and execution. In this field, the Toan Thinh Phat step by step reached to the position No. 1 in the top Vietnamese enterprises on construction, design, developing steadily on base of regular growth and effective management. This was affirmed via the result of Project Research of famous trademark in Vietnam – 2010” made by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) associated with the company for market study FTA Vietnam, the trademark of Toan Thinh Phat was at grade 6 in the trade of Construction – Design in the whole country.


TTP Cons.

Toan Thinh Phat Techniques – Construction Co., Ltd. (TTP Cons.) was founded on April 3, 2007 under its initial name as Toan Thinh Phat Mechanics – Construction – Trading Co., Ltd. (TTP Tech.). The TTP Tech. operated in field of business of machinery, construction equipment, manufacture, installation of mechanic building products.


TTP Arch.

Young Toan Thinh Phat Architecture Co., Ltd. (TTP Arch.) was founded on February 28, 2006 and was the first affiliate of Toan Thinh Phat Corporation to partake in the construction business.TTP Arch. boasts a team of young, energetic and highly trained architects, engineers and specialists who have had their share of experience in many big construction projects. As a result, TTP Arch. is very confident in its ability to deliver quality architectural, structural and functional designs to a wide variety of construction projects.

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