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Message from the Chairman of the Broad

My dear Investors, Shareholders, Clients and Partners,

First off all, th staff at Toan Thinhj Phat Investment – Architecture – Construction JSC would like to wish you and your family good health and great happiness. We also would like you to know of our deep appreciation of your fondness and solidarity shown towards our Toan Thinh Phat brand throughout the years and that we wish nothing more than to continue to receive your support in the time to come.

My dear Investors, Shareholders, Clients and Partners,

Given our strategic position and direction, our specific business goals in each of our development phase, our culture of “solidarity, responsibility, integrity, enthusiasm, honesty and transparency”, Toan Thinh Phat has everything it requires to become a strong brand in mamy fields. The Corporation is currently undergoing restructuring towards the model of a General company and member units. As of now, Toan Thinh Phat has 15 affiliates, 1 representative offices
and 2 branches  performing professionally and effectively in 4 fields: construction, education, investment, and project development in Phu Quoc Island. The Corporation has decided to have construction ad the foundation of its business, education as the financial stabilizer, investment in finance and real estate as savings for the future and projects in Phu Quoc as an affirmation of Toan Thinh Phat’s strengths as a whole. According to our plan foe development within the period of 2011 to 2020, Toan Thinh Phat will continue to strive for sustainable development in all of our main fields of business. We will also tru to utilize all chances we might get to expand in our business cooperation by giving priorities to our current core strengths.

Given the determination and effort of the Broad of Directors, The Broad of Management and all of our staff, Toan Thinh Phat will not fail the love and trust that you have given us through all these years.

With best regards,

Huynh Phu Kiet (Arch.) - Chairman of the board

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