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Logo - slogan main

Logo message:

  • The green mainstream symbolizes the close, friendliness to customers and business inspiration of development in a fairly competition.
  • The logo overall is stylized from the globe shape, withdraws the idea from yin and yang concept – basic platform of all materials, carries the ideal of development desire in order to reach out to the world.
  • TTP is the acronym of Toan Thinh Phat to be put in the spirally ladder which stands in the circle is the desire of the company to step up steadily and constantly develop even the fluctuations of surrounding environment occurs.


Stable background, future development

With the targeting strategy “ Stable background, future development” Toan Thinh Phat has being gradually asserted its power and prestige through four fields:

  • Construction
  • Education
  • Investment
  • Project development at Phu Quoc

Being the foundation for all of the company’s activities, construction field is the strongest field of Toan Thinh Phat as well as being the potential field within Vietnam; education field brings the stability finance and contribute to the society’s and nation’s development; project investment to accumulate for the future and finally to assert the comprehensive development through Phu Quoc’s projects developing.

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