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About history

-          April 28, 2002: The Tan Thinh Phat Architecture – Construction Co., Ltd.  was founded and located at 10B, Ky Dong Str., District 3, Ho Chi Minh city. The company dealt in architectural design and construction.

-          2003: Tan Thinh Phat made the switch to a joint stock company model with the new name of Toan Thinh Phat Investment – Architecture – Construction JSC to be located at 284 Dao Duy Anh, Ward 9, Dist. Phu Nhuan.

-          2004: Toan Thinh Phat made investments into Le Quy Don Primary – Secondary and High School of Bien Hoa, Dong Nai. This marked our turn into investments outside of Ho Chi Minh City and expansion into education.

-          January 2006: Our new and current office at 262A Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ward 8, Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh City was formed.

-          February 28, 2006: Young Toan Thinh Phat Architecture Co., Ltd, our first affiliate to function in construction, was founded.

-          September 4, 2006: Trinh Hoai Duc Primary – Secondary and High School, our second school, was founded in Trang Bom, Dong Nai where they had their first academic year.

-          April 28, 2007: Toan Thinh Phat held a ceremony to celebrate our 5th anniversary and signed a strategic agreement with Dong Tam corporation to form a serious of key projects.

-          May 2008: AC Neilsen Vietnam ran a survey on famous brands in Vietnam and ranked Toan Thinh Phat at the 14th place among construction companies nationwide.

New affiliates continue to be formed as affirmations of TTP Corp.’s steps towards solid growth and development:

-          December 12, 2006: Binh Duong branch

-          April 3, 2007: Toan Thinh Phat Techniques – Construction Co., Ltd. (TTP Cons.) was founded with its early name as the Toan Thinh Phat Mechanics – Construction – Trading One-member Co., Ltd. (TTP Tech.)

-          March 12, 2008: Toan Thinh Phat Joint Stock Company – TTP Kien Giang

-          January 22, 2008: Xuan Hoang Co., Ltd.

-          April 16, 2008: Toan Thinh Phat Co., Ltd. – TTP Phu Quoc

-          September 6, 2008: Tan Phu High School was opened and started its academic year of 2008 – 2009.

-          December 25, 2008: Toan Thinh Phat Education Co., Ltd. – TTP Edu.

-          February 19, 2009: Toan Thanh Tam Production – Commercial – Service joint stock company.

-          April 16, 2009: Toan Hai Van joint stock company.

-          June 3, 2009: Bambi International Kindergarten started its school year of 2009 – 2010.

-          November 24, 2009: The Dong Nai Branch operated in field of investment in business construction for infrastructure at residential section, commercial section, managing investment projects of Toan Thinh Phat’s in Dong Nai Province. The Dong Nai Branch is so successful in development of investment projects in chain of “The Pegasus”.

-          March 23, 2010: International School of Asia - Pacific – APC Dong Nai formally started its school year of 2010 – 2011.

-          April 1, 2010: Le Quy Don Primary, Secondary & High School to hold the 12th Anniversary of foundation ((01/04/1998 – 01/04/2010)and inauguration of Unit 2

-          April 4, 2010: The Toan Thinh Phat Corp. to inaugurate an Office in Phu Quoc

-          April 5, 2010: formally to start construction of Dam Bay Project invested and managed by Toan Hai Van Joint Stock Company – a member unit of Toan Thinh Phat’s.

-          May 06, 2010: the management of civil and industrial work construction of Toan Thinh Phat Construction - Engineering company Limited with sole member (TTP Cons.) - a member company of Toan Thinh Phat (TTP Corp.) was formally assessed and accredited as complied with ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

-          August 18, 2010: The Nationwide Transit Council of Prize “Star Golden Award” – 2012 had a meeting for selecting and determining the Toan Thinh Phat Trademark to gain the Prize “Star Golden Award” – 2012 and being graded in list of Top of 100 Vietnamese trademarks.

-          October 13, 2010: Mr. Huynh Phu Kiet – Chairman of Toan Thinh Phat Corporation’s win the prize of typical Saigon Entrepreneur – 2010. This is the fifth time continuously that Mr. Huynh Phu Kiet winning this prize (Typical Saigon Entrepreneur for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) and granted with the Merit Certificate of the Prime Minister.

-          December , 2010: According to result of the project “Research of famous trademark in Vietnam – 2010” realized by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) associated with the market research company FTA Vietnam, the trademark of Toan Thinh Phat is set at the 6th in trade of Construction – Design in the whole country.

-          January 01, 2011: The Center for Commerce – Services – Housing: The Pegasus Plaza was formally started for construction.

-          January 05, 2011: Toan Thinh Phat to participate in Dong Nai Real Estate Association (DRA)

-          On 26 July 2011: The Toan Thinh Phat’s signed strategic co-operation with the Sacomreal, in which the Toan Thinh Phat’s would be one of the units for executing, building and designing the products of real-estates, projects of the Sacomreal.

-          August 28, 2011: Toan Thinh Phat to open the sale of Villa Village – The Pegasus Residence for Stage 2.

-          August 29, 2011: Toan Thinh Phat to open the showroom of LiOA electrical devices biggest in Dong Nai Province . Showroom is formed from co-operation between the two units, in which, the Nhat Linh Co., Ltd. as supplier and the Toan Thinh Phat Corpotation as distributor for electrical devices of LiOA trademark.

-          October 13, 2011: Toan Thinh Phat to be selected for title of Typical Saigon Enterprise – 2011 . The Prize is held annually by the HCMC Enterprise Association

-          October 15, 2011: Toan Thinh Phat wins the Prize “Gold Star Award” 2011- Top 100 - Vietnam Typical Trademarks. The Prize is held annually by Vietnamese Young Entrepreneurs Association

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